Orange County VA
Sunday August 2, 2015
Orange County VA
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Here is your latest map layer data update information:

Addresses Street Address Locations 7/31/2015
Aerial Imagery NEW 2009 Orthophotography 6/22/2010
Buildings Building Footprints 7/31/2015
Contours Contour Lines ( 2ft - 4ft ) 12/9/2008
Driveways Driveway Locations 7/31/2015
Electric Service Electrical Service Areas 1/2/2003
EMS Stations* EMS Stations 2/12/2003
Fire Stations* Fire Station Locations 2/12/2003
Ownership Database Tax Parcel Ownership Database 12/31/2013
Parcels Tax Parcels 4/7/2014
Refuse Centers* Refuse \ Recycling Centers 12/26/2002
Roads Road Centerlines 7/31/2015
School Districts* Elem. / Middle School Districts 9/2/2004

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